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Sustainable Design Consultation

Take your first steps to make your home or business more sustainable

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How does it work and what's included?

With an increasing awareness about the dangers of climate change and the huge impact the built environment has in exacerbating the problems with respect to carbon emissions, home and business owners are starting to take this on board and learning how they can make a difference and apply it to their own projects.

Our sustainable interior design consultation is aimed at those who would like to make sustainable and healthier choices in the home but need some assistance along the way. We can help guide you to more sustainable material choices and those with zero/low VOC to help you and your family live in a healthier environment. 

We can look in the first instance at what can be re used or upcycled which will generate less waste and also helps to use resources you already have. We can help you source environmentally-friendly textiles, furnishings and other decorative elements, and put you in contact with professionals in the industry of renewables, if you need advice on energy matters in your home.

We will not only look at materials, but the use of natural light and strengthening the human connection with nature to create restorative spaces.  

Choosing sustainable items doesn't need to impact on the design, far from it! You can still achieve style while being conscious of the planet. Please do get in contact for more information and to book your appointment.



For a 90 minute appointment including follow up information,  £150


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