15 Reasons why you need an Interior Designer in your life

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

It will save you money

Yep that's right, it might sound ludicrous I know, but by hiring an Interior Designer you are more likely to get the room design right first time rather than by trial and error and going in blind. Sometimes you could be looking at hundreds of Pinterest boards and quite frankly it's confusing! What furniture goes with what? What do you mean gloss paint on the walls?!!! It can all be too overwhelming. Don't assume that you're always looking at a high price tag when hiring an Interior Designer either, many offer some really good options - either be it a set price per room or concept only.

It will save you time

So you are knee-deep in family life, school runs or a full-time job (or both - eek!), and this far away dream or vision of one day renovating a room in your house, or building that extension, never seems to come to fruition. Life is busy! Scheming your project, choosing furniture, deciding on a design, layouts, dealing with electricians, plumbers and builders - all takes a lot of time. By delegating this task to an Interior Designer does not mean you lose control, or that you will have no input - it is simply trusting that person to carry the task out on your behalf. If your Interior Designer has truly listened to your needs and wants and understood the brief, then you can rest assured that your dream will turn into reality and you will be left with a design that fits your vision.

Defining your style

People often say they don't have a style, but more often than not they do - they just can't see it. It takes the Interior Designers expertise to spend time with the client and unpick their likes and dislikes. Your home should reflect you and your personality, so it is possible to include your favourite objects that hold memories - it could include items that have been collected from the places you've travelled, or furniture you didn't think will fit in the scheme. Interior Designers have some clever tricks up their sleeve on how to incorporate existing pieces within your new design.